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Hi, everybody.

Well, it’s Friday! Time for more nonsense. I’m honestly just looking for some advice or recommendations with this blog post.

I’ve been in my hometown for quite some time now without a vacation. Yes, I went to Dallas, but that was for work. I need to get out. I live in the midwest and prefer the east coast. Any recommendations? I’ve done Maine, bits of Massachusetts, New York and a bit of upstate New York, and New Jersey. Oh, a tiny bit of Pennsylvania when I went to Philly for a wedding.

So, where should I go? I want to go at the end of September/middle of October because, well, the weather is a lot more suitable for me (I sweat a lot in big city heat).

Or should I look elsewhere? Not the east coast? Is there something on the west coast that I just must see? I’ve only been to Orange County in CA, but I wasn’t a fan. I would be interested in seeing the Redwoods up north or Big Sur a bit south of that. Well, quite a bit south I think.

Also, what should I do? I like outdoorsy stuff but I do love a good conversation with a stranger. Should I be more adventurous? Maybe try to conquer a fear like heights (e.g. skydiving)?

Let’s not conquer that fear just yet. Or heavily drug me then push me out of a plane. I will not do it sober.

Anyway, I told you this would be nonsense, but I would be interested in not just hearing recommendations from you. I would LOVE to hear about some of your amazing trips and make a decision from there. Care to help?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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