Thinking Through the Day

Hi, everybody.

Well, good morning.

It’s about 9 AM CT where I’m at and I’m already thinking way too far ahead. My mind is already past working and thinking about the evening. Except there’s a new wrinkle for this evening: no volleyball due to an injured elbow.

So what the shit do I do with my time?

Maybe I should keep my focus right here, right now. I mean, it’s something I preach all the time. “Stay in the moment.” Meh. It’s difficult, isn’t it? I’m not excited for anything today. I’ll head to the gym in a couple of hours and my Pops will stop over later for some branch removal from a storm a couple nights back, but shit, man, I don’t know how I’ll keep my head/mind above water today.

Maybe I can do some reading today. Maybe that’ll put me on the right path. One thing I do know? I need to become aware of how I’m feeling today and what’s going on inside me. It’s important so I don’t go down that slippery slope of feeling bad for myself and sleeping the day away. It’s important that I write at this very moment in time to remind myself that I am in this moment, I will be fine during this moment, and I do not know what happens next.

Maybe I’ll figure something out today. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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