Confusion in Colorado

Hi, everybody.

My buddy and I are about to drive back from a short trip to Colorado. Denver to be exact. I had quite a bit of fun – and one day I was slightly angry – and the entire time I felt confusion.

We arrived on Friday night, had a fantastic dinner (I ordered two entrees and even had Banana Cream pie, which I’ve never had before due to my gluten intolerance – everything was gluten free!). It was a great night. My type of way to start a vacation – a treat yourself type of meal.

Saturday kinda sucked. I get it, my buddy is big into snowboarding, but he went to the mountain (after I said sure, go) and he was gone for the entire day. No car for me, no one around, just lots to think about. I went to some bars and hit up a dispensary. It could have been worse.

Sunday was the best day. I got to meet a friend from online that I’ve known for roughly a year – great guy. Played volleyball, went to a Denver Nuggets game that went into overtime against the Clippers. More amazing food. Just everything I enjoy during a vacation minus the weather.

But the whole time, I’ve been thinking about that one person. She called me the night before I left. We spoke for six hours. I put her in my phone as “Do Not Call” after she called me. She said we weren’t going to talk again. I keep getting texts.

I’m lost. However it’s different this time for me. I don’t feel scared. I’m just ready for whatever to happen. It’s kinda freeing in a sense.

Time to get on the road back home!

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Random All-Nighter

Well, shit. Hi, everybody. It’s 4 AM on the dot. I have to work out in about an hour and a half. For some reason, my eyes won’t shut. I’ve done everything under the sun (while not under the sun) and I can’t get tired.

I did just get back from a trip visiting a buddy. I heard some rough news (shouldn’t have been rough) when I was there and I’ve been thinking about it since. But I don’t want to discuss it. I just, I don’t know what to fucking do about my thoughts anymore. I don’t know how to get rid of the depression at times. I have no clue how to battle the shit in me that’s keeping me up right now. I don’t even know what it is.

And sometimes I tell you lot I know what the fuck is going on. Not true. Maybe true. I don’t know anymore. I need sleep. Bad. But soon I’ll be in a pool, swimming. Why? No clue. I’m struggling to figure out my “why” recently, and that’s a big issue for me to have. Whenever that’s occurring, I know something is wrong. But what? What the shit this time?

Hopefully check back in soon. Let’s try to make it through this glorious Monday together, eh?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Random Travel

Hi, everybody.

It’s probably been about 2 weeks since I last spoke to you. About par for the course nowadays and I quite like it. I also believe I start every single blog like this, too. Cons of not reading your own writing.

I’m traveling to Jersey, baby! Booked a random plane ticket the other night because I’m off work all week. Going to see my best friend – pretty stoked about some change. A bit of a break from the status quo is needed I believe. Of course I’ll miss my dog as I always do, but that’s about it. (I will my my folks – you know what I mean, people.)

When I head up to Jersey, I have no expectations and I’m again, excited about that. Similar to my Arizona trip a month or so back. However, this time I’m going single again. Oh, yeah, I’m back to being single. FOR LIFE, BABY! But that’s not a focus of mine and I don’t think it ever will be or should be. If it happens, it happens, but for now it’s time to do the things that my life is finally letting me do. I’ve worked hard to be able to travel without feeling like I might struggle to pay my mortgage a month or two later. It’s a weird thing to say, but that’s a huge achievement for me.

That’s key. Remember the big achievements for you. It’s been a while I think since I’ve built out a “lesson” in one of these blogs, but do remember that an achievement is only as big or as little as you perceive it to be. At least that’s what I think. I mean, that could go for a lot of things in life, but never judge yourself based on what’s around you. Who the shit knows what that person had to do compared to you to get that same result. That same achievement. The thing is, it’s never the same achievement. If I was to run the same marathon as you and finish at the exact same time, we both would achieve different things due to the journey that led us to that finish line. No, not the race, but the mental fortitude built through training and adversity.

Where the hell am I going right now?

Anyway, I think I made somewhat of a point. I think. Again, cons of not reading your own writing and kinda throwing up on the page: you don’t really remember much of what you wrote. This has been fun to blog, though. I’m excited for Jersey. I’m excited for what’s to come. For just getting dumped a few days back, it’s odd to be excited about anything. Maybe this blogging, therapy, meditation, etc., all this stuff actually does help the mental side.

I’m kidding. It definitely does. I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Now I can clear that damn Siri reminder.

Quick Update: CO Trip

Hi, everybody.

I meant to write this yesterday but I was just a bit too tired. The girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Golden, CO and not to sound corny… but it was an absolutely golden trip.

Yeah, corny.

Anyway, it was a trip filled with no plans. We knew we wanted to hike. Where? We figured we would find that out when we were there. We did and it was an absolutely gorgeous (and tiring) hike.

We didn’t have food plans but we never had a bad meal. If anything, our lack of knowledge going into some restaurants surprised us in a good way.

I learned this trip that not everything needs to be in a routine. Sometimes it’s necessary to be impulsive and just choose what you want to do in that moment while you’re in that moment. You can worry about the consequences later (most of the time).

I enjoyed my trip. The girlfriend enjoyed it, too. Now it’s back to the daily grind but guess what? I’m recharged. Self care matters, people. Make friends with it.

I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Colorado Vibes

Hi, everybody.

I know, alarming off the bat. I used the word “vibe” in the title. Who have I become?

In all seriousness, I had an anxiety attack as I normally do when I head out on a trip. Luckily I had someone to talk to about it. It’s nice to be close enough to someone to talk about these things audibly sometimes. It’s also nice that she cares and tries to understand.

Tonight I get to take her out to dinner after a long car ride and some dispensary/walking around fun this afternoon. I’m grateful for that. But I wanted to make sure to take a moment here, breathe, acknowledge this, and move on with the night.

Thank you for being an outlet for me. Anxiety, depression, all of it — we can beat any of it. You can. I can. It doesn’t happen all at once, but one won battle is worth a celebration. Celebrate yourself tonight/today/whatever time it is for you right now.

I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Tomorrow I Travel

Hi, everybody.

My titles are becoming quite matter-of-fact, aren’t they? It’s true–I am traveling tomorrow. Nothing exciting, just another trip down to Dallas for work. I’ll actually be back on Tuesday evening, so I’m not going to be there for long.

Today was hectic so far. I spent the morning coaching and training per usual, but followed it up with some complicated relationship shit and a bunch of a chores. I can’t decide which one was more tiring: relationship shit or chores. I think it was the stuff involving feelings. I seem to not be very good with those anymore. Was I ever? thinks back

I’m excited to travel because it gets me out of the house and out of my routine but not for too long. I’m ready to get out of the house. It will be nice to work from an office for a day or two I suppose. We’ll see. I mean, you lot know you will hear from me throughout the trip. That’s a given.

Make sure you enjoy the rest of your freakin’ day, OK?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Personal Travel

Hi, everybody.

Well, it’s Friday! Time for more nonsense. I’m honestly just looking for some advice or recommendations with this blog post.

I’ve been in my hometown for quite some time now without a vacation. Yes, I went to Dallas, but that was for work. I need to get out. I live in the midwest and prefer the east coast. Any recommendations? I’ve done Maine, bits of Massachusetts, New York and a bit of upstate New York, and New Jersey. Oh, a tiny bit of Pennsylvania when I went to Philly for a wedding.

So, where should I go? I want to go at the end of September/middle of October because, well, the weather is a lot more suitable for me (I sweat a lot in big city heat).

Or should I look elsewhere? Not the east coast? Is there something on the west coast that I just must see? I’ve only been to Orange County in CA, but I wasn’t a fan. I would be interested in seeing the Redwoods up north or Big Sur a bit south of that. Well, quite a bit south I think.

Also, what should I do? I like outdoorsy stuff but I do love a good conversation with a stranger. Should I be more adventurous? Maybe try to conquer a fear like heights (e.g. skydiving)?

Let’s not conquer that fear just yet. Or heavily drug me then push me out of a plane. I will not do it sober.

Anyway, I told you this would be nonsense, but I would be interested in not just hearing recommendations from you. I would LOVE to hear about some of your amazing trips and make a decision from there. Care to help?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Doing Surprisingly Well in Texas

Hi, everybody!

Quick update for you. I am not dying on this trip. I’m not losing my mind like I did on my last vacation. I’m actually doing quite well.

So what’s changed? I talk about it often but I really believe it comes down to awareness. Self-awareness specifically. I knew coming here I’d be sleeping in a new environment, that my mind might push me to a state of loneliness, that being without boxing might throw me in a hole.

Well, it did. But I knew it would and I proactively made some adjustments. New environment? I made sure to bring some stuff to help me sleep BUT I also told myself I’d be more involved/social with my coworkers here, and that helped me integrate a bit better into this new place (yes, I know, I leave in like a day or two, it’s not a big deal… but it is for me).

Loneliness always sets in for me in a hotel room late at night when I’m by myself. But this time I didn’t let it happen. I knew where my mind would go (and it did go there) and I fought that shit away. I did that. I did that by myself. And if you can’t tell, I’m proud of that shit.

And the boxing. I knew this would be an issue for me. Boxing isn’t just a sport for me, it’s therapy. I took action. I Googled for boxing gyms near me and guess what? I found a decent one. Well, not really, but it was enough. I threw my headphones in and went at the bags, hit a few shadow boxing rounds, and tried to not step on any toes. It was worth it. I left feeling recharged.

So what am I talking about here? “Oh, I’m doing so great”. – No. The real thing to take away from this blog is that simple “control the controllable”. And there’s a lot more we can control than we give ourselves credit for.

Whatever you fear today, whatever you’re hesitant about, whatever is holding you back–think about what you can control and focus on that. You can’t do shit about anything else. You’ll need to accept that like I’ve had to accept it.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Morning Thoughts

Hi, everybody!

Each and every day we have here is different. There’s times when everything feels like a replay, but really, every single day is different.

We tell ourselves “no” often. Why? We hate hearing no from others.

I would like to move out of my hometown.

When’s the moment I stop thinking about certain people? How can I get closer to that moment in time?

I constantly need to remind myself about gratitude. Typing out that last sentence reminded me this time.

So what the hell was this? Airport thoughts, really. Maybe I need to start bringing my phone in the shower and typing out shower thoughts. That would be… interesting.

Welp, I’m off to Texas. Flight boards in just a few minutes. I’m gonna miss my pups! And the boxing gym. But I’ll be back Thursday. That’s a short, short trip. I should be fine, right? I will be.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Texas Bound!

Hi, everybody!

Good news: I’m traveling again! I’m excited this time. I get to meet my new colleagues and get away from all of the mess here where I live. We just had a massive storm and there’s damage and branches everywhere. Can’t wait to get away from it and just act like it didn’t happen (probably should handle it better but heyyo I have a flight to catch in the morning, I need rest).

What’s important today? Management of my time. Calmness. Slowing my brain and heart down. I get anxious when I leave my home. I don’t sleep well elsewhere. It bothers me.

It was important that I worked out today. I am worried about not being able to box. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, boxing gets me out of it. It’s my release, my therapy – similar to writing. Also, will the streak be threatened while I’m away in Texas? WE WILL FIND OUT.

Anyway, I really do hope you’re enjoying your day. Have you taken the time to just sit and breathe? Take in who you are for the day? Do that if you haven’t. Always make sure to check in with yourself.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.