Hi, everybody.

This will be quick because it’s just a freakout. It’s an issue I have EVERY SINGLE WORK DAY.

I need a new job. This shit is driving me nuts. Never have I been more lackluster in my efforts at a place of employment, even back in my serving and bartending days. The leadership sucks, the structure sucks, and our strategies suck. I need a way out – luckily I have an interview either later this week or early next week with another company that actually makes a damn difference in people’s lives.

But shit, I need to get out. When you’re struggling with your job, the worth of it, etc., what do you do to perk yourself up? Or do you just say fuck it, time to get a new job? I’m at the latter stages. I’ve given this job… about 5 months. It’s not getting better. If anything, it’s getting more and more disorganized. It’s shitty to see, but at least I’m seeing it for what it’s worth and trying to make moves out of it.

But again, WHAT DO I DO?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Personal Travel

Hi, everybody.

Well, it’s Friday! Time for more nonsense. I’m honestly just looking for some advice or recommendations with this blog post.

I’ve been in my hometown for quite some time now without a vacation. Yes, I went to Dallas, but that was for work. I need to get out. I live in the midwest and prefer the east coast. Any recommendations? I’ve done Maine, bits of Massachusetts, New York and a bit of upstate New York, and New Jersey. Oh, a tiny bit of Pennsylvania when I went to Philly for a wedding.

So, where should I go? I want to go at the end of September/middle of October because, well, the weather is a lot more suitable for me (I sweat a lot in big city heat).

Or should I look elsewhere? Not the east coast? Is there something on the west coast that I just must see? I’ve only been to Orange County in CA, but I wasn’t a fan. I would be interested in seeing the Redwoods up north or Big Sur a bit south of that. Well, quite a bit south I think.

Also, what should I do? I like outdoorsy stuff but I do love a good conversation with a stranger. Should I be more adventurous? Maybe try to conquer a fear like heights (e.g. skydiving)?

Let’s not conquer that fear just yet. Or heavily drug me then push me out of a plane. I will not do it sober.

Anyway, I told you this would be nonsense, but I would be interested in not just hearing recommendations from you. I would LOVE to hear about some of your amazing trips and make a decision from there. Care to help?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

I’m Back

Hi, everybody.

I know, it’s only been a day, but I’m back because I’m bored. I’m just too damn efficient at work. I type too fast, call too fast, organize too fast, so fast that I end up with 3-4 hours at the end of the day to do… well, this?

So I’m writing to you lot once again. Tonight I have sparring in a different city–I’m excited about that. Outside of that, I’m feeling rather lonely. My best friend started his job and it’s a serious gig, so no more late night vidjie games with him. I know, I’m 30. I should have better things to do.

The thing is, where I live the only options I have are… well, unhealthy options. Going out for drinks, grabbing food (I tend to order SO MUCH that I’m allergic to), and/or sleeping with women. Yeah, my options seem limited. I mean, most of my buddies have a wife and kid(s). But maybe I’m limiting myself.

I spoke about hobbies a week ago. Sadly I haven’t yet find the time on the weekends to look into these further, but photography is #1 on the list. So let’s send out a couple questions to the readers here.

If you were starting off in photography, what would be your first purchase to get going?

If you were starting off in photography, would you recommend taking a class or learning outside of a classroom?

Thank you in advance.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Honestly I’m Just Bored

Hi, everyone. Checking back in. I’m fucking bored (yes, very early cussing in this post).

Today is a very busy day. A few work meetings, going to mentor a hard-headed high schooler, followed by an individual boxing coaching session, and two hours of leading a boxing class.

But right now? I’m fucking bored, man. My work is very slow, I don’t have any interviews coming up till Wednesday, and my dogs are the only ones with things to do around this house (tear up shit, that’s what they have to do). I could be doing stuff, but it’s… well, just more unpacking. I’d rather be bored.

I am excited for the rest of the day. Mentoring and coaching. It’s what I love to do. Boxing, coaching, mentoring, whatever you want to call it: it’s my passion. Only a couple more hours of being in front of this computer making sales calls. I CAN DO IT.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.