Weight Control

Hi, everybody!

Today we’re going to be discussing weight but not in the normal sense. Actually, I’m in great shape and sit at 6’3″ and 173 pounds.

However, for my fight on Saturday, I need to be 167-168 pounds. And I’m not going to lie, I did terrible at self control last night. I ate a full dinner followed by a plethora of snacks (and not the good kind). I need to be better.

But what I’ve noticed from my eating isn’t that I’m hungry when I eat, I’m just… bored. Super bored. I could be reading, writing, watching TV, playing with my dogs, but my mind still thinks about food in the evening time. And that’s not good for fight week.

So what’s my plan? Well, I can’t start myself. However, I did field some questions from Instagram and to be honest, I got a lot of great advice. No, I’m not going to intermittent fast–no way. No, I’m not going to eat strictly tuna and cottage cheese–absolutely no way. But I can take some of the advice people gave me. Stop eating past 8:30 PM–I’m going to try that tonight. Seriously.

Do you lot have any advice for me? I don’t need to worry too much because I have a few workouts left this week and I’ll be going for jogs every morning, but there is a slight concern there. What do you do when you need to keep a few pounds off or lose a couple pounds here or there?

I’ll be 167-168 Saturday morning. I know I will. Why am I freaking out about it? It’s in my nature. But I’m noticing it now so I can work through it, let it pass, and stay in the moment rather than think about the worst case scenario that won’t happen.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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