Chilly Hands

Hi, everybody.

Why is this titled Chilly Hands? Well, I have chilly hands at this exact moment. I’m super literal on these blogs, especially when I just have a Siri reminder telling me to blog at random times. I don’t really have too much to write about… yet.

Let’s see. Life is fucking weird, man. I’ve now went back and forth with my girlfriend like 5 times now and we feel the healthiest and most open we’ve ever felt. Sometimes bumps and bruises can lead to a reward I guess? I really can’t understand this life shit – especially being ‘healthy.’

But I do feel exactly that. Healthy, most of the times. I’m getting good sleep, I’m eating well, financially I’m somewhat responsible, and I’m being more loosey-goosey in life again. It feels good. I feel good. I hope you feel good, too.

But what is going on in your life? Is there something you could dig into real quick that might best prepare you for the next 20 minutes of your life? Something you need to sit down and just think about for a second, with zero distractions around ya? I think that’s what’s gotten me to this state of ‘healthy’ – letting myself sit and think for a bit when I need to. Self reflection and all that stuff, ya know?

Well, I think the well is dry. I don’t have much more to write about when things aren’t going shitty. It’s weird, I’m much more vocal and audible when I feel better. Less of a writer, more of a talker. I guess that isn’t that weird, is it? I’m sure I’ll be back with PLENTY to write about sometime soon.

Until then, nah.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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