Fighting Tomorrow

Hi, everybody.

Yep, fight is still on for tomorrow. Fighting some 27 year old guy, don’t know anything else about him. I feel confident. Really confident. So much so that I’m writing to you with my back flat on the ground, neck slightly titled, with a foam roller under my hamstrings. Hold on, let me put my head down for a second–this thing is heavy.

OK, I’m back. This is quite the neck workout.

But tomorrow, tomorrow is the fight! Second one back. Should be able to keep the momentum going into next weekend where I fight on Saturday. From there, I’ll look to my coach to set up a small pro debut.

It’s exciting being this active in the sport and this relaxed on the inside when it comes to the competition. I’m three pounds under the maximum weight for this fight (catchweight at 170 pounds) so I don’t need to worry about a cut. Main thing is keeping my legs and shoulders relaxed and recharging them for tomorrow.

Best thing I can do for myself today to stay ready? Take myself away from boxing for the day. I’ll attend a Septemberfest (don’t worry, worst I’ll drink is a lemonade) followed by my buddy’s comedy show (again. don’t worry).

Relax, recharge, win. I hope you have an absolutely splendid Saturday. I’m going to get back to rolling out these hamstrings (it hurts so fucking bad).

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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