Hi, everybody!

Lake day was a huge success. Had fun, no mishaps outside a very hefty trip right onto a rock (I’m fine but it was funny), and I woke up refreshed this morning.

So what?

Right? Like who gives a shit. And I’m not saying that in a negative way, honestly. If you read my blog yesterday, or at least I think from yesterday (I had quite a few beers yesterday), you should know that I’m going face first into the now. F the past, F the future, let’s focus on now. I guess a better question than the one posted above would be “Why?”. Why write about what happened yesterday. Why think about what happened yesterday. Why not just focus on now? Right? Right.

So how do we focus on the now at all times? It’s not possible. It really isn’t. But we can focus on the now when we think about the now.

I swear I’m not high, I’m just thinking through the writing. It’s what my professors taught me to do and I believe it’s what my therapist would probably tell me to do now, too. Jesus. That’s actually hilarious.

Anyway, it’s time to focus on the now, people! Like right now I need to stop writing a blog and get my buddy down to the airport. SHIT.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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