Little Things Do Big Things

Title written by a seven year old.

Hi, everybody!

As I continue to write to you, I continue to search for what to write about. So today we write about the simple things in life that make such a huge difference in our lives when we look back and truly think about them.

Today I woke up with a “here we go again” attitude. No good. No good. But I adjusted and I made sure to do the little things that I know help get me out of that train of thought. I made some coffee. Little, yes, but it did the job. I started to get a little pep in my step and hit the ground running with work.

Then I decided to put my foot down and say no to an upcoming interview. I don’t want the job. It’s simple as that. Why waste my time in an interview? Just because I want to see if I can get moved along in the process? Am I that bored? Yes. But I canceled that shit and that’s a little thing that helped me quite a bit today.

I went to the gym in the middle of the day. Again, little, but it’s probably the only reason I have energy to write to you right now. Aren’t you grateful? I know I am. Ha.

And I plan on doing a lot of little things as the day progresses. I mean, shit, I already grocery shopped and purchased some dog treats/snacks (one of my pups has a broken toe–no idea how he got it). Those are other little things I’ve done today to enhance how I feel today.

But let’s be honest. It comes down to you. It comes down to me. It comes down to our psyche. It always does. We can use little things to mask how we are really feeling, or we can acknowledge that we don’t have to feel a certain way if we can just let our psyche out of the chaotic mess it’s in once in a while. So yeah, little things do help, but do we need the help? We have everything we need right here, right inside our damn noggin and right underneath our chest.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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