Eating Before Weigh-In

Hi, everybody.

Well, tomorrow is the day! Back in the ring for the first time (competitively) in five or so years. Exciting stuff.

I’m going to hit you with quotes tomorrow… probably. Today I’ll quickly discuss how to manage diet leading into a boxing match.

Ha, just kidding. I’ve never known what to do outside of listen to my own body. I think that’s a solid plan anyway, don’t you? I woke up this morning, didn’t check weight, and went on an extremely light jog. Only went a mile. Weighed myself after, sitting right around weight (168.8, need to be 167-168). What’s that mean? Eat healthy today, eat light, go for a sweat, don’t drink too much water, and go for a tiny sweat in the morning before heading off to weigh in.

I really needed to type that out. To be truthful, this shit is stressful. It is. Thanks for being my sounding board at times.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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