Empty Thoughts & Sweaty Palms

Hi, everybody.

Good morning. How’s the day so far for you? I’m on day… four or five of being sick. I can’t tell what it is. Weird sickness. Anyway, it’s not killing me (I think) so that’s a plus!

A few days sick can leave your brain mush. I just noticed I wrote to you lot just the other day. I’m kinda on fire with this whole writing thing. Being severely depressed and riddled with anxiety really helps the fingers move.

I’m listening to an absolute gem of a song right now. Gap in the Clouds by Yellow Days. Highly recommend. I might start leaving a song or two in my blogs that I’m listening to at the current moment. Usually the songs I listen to correspond pretty well with my mood. Music is a beautiful thing, innit?

What the hell am I even talking about? I type that pretty often. It’s true, though. I never have a plan coming in here. It’s just sit down and write, see what comes out, hit publish. It’s freeing, man is it so freeing.

Oh! The title. Empty Thoughts & Sweaty Palms. Umm, let’s explain that. I am not thinking about too much and I have sweaty palms. Ok, we’re past that now.

Hmm, what else can I bore you with? Maybe I should get back to my day and you get back to your day. Maybe. Or maybe this is part of the day? What the hell am I even talking about?

As you can probably tell, my mood’s shifted since I last wrote. I don’t really know why, and it’ll probably change back to gray, but right now I have some colors in my life. I’m going to keep my focus on those colors and hopefully amplify them throughout the day.

What the hell am I even talking about? Really odd blog today. Next one will be better, maybe!

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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