Random Travel

Hi, everybody.

It’s probably been about 2 weeks since I last spoke to you. About par for the course nowadays and I quite like it. I also believe I start every single blog like this, too. Cons of not reading your own writing.

I’m traveling to Jersey, baby! Booked a random plane ticket the other night because I’m off work all week. Going to see my best friend – pretty stoked about some change. A bit of a break from the status quo is needed I believe. Of course I’ll miss my dog as I always do, but that’s about it. (I will my my folks – you know what I mean, people.)

When I head up to Jersey, I have no expectations and I’m again, excited about that. Similar to my Arizona trip a month or so back. However, this time I’m going single again. Oh, yeah, I’m back to being single. FOR LIFE, BABY! But that’s not a focus of mine and I don’t think it ever will be or should be. If it happens, it happens, but for now it’s time to do the things that my life is finally letting me do. I’ve worked hard to be able to travel without feeling like I might struggle to pay my mortgage a month or two later. It’s a weird thing to say, but that’s a huge achievement for me.

That’s key. Remember the big achievements for you. It’s been a while I think since I’ve built out a “lesson” in one of these blogs, but do remember that an achievement is only as big or as little as you perceive it to be. At least that’s what I think. I mean, that could go for a lot of things in life, but never judge yourself based on what’s around you. Who the shit knows what that person had to do compared to you to get that same result. That same achievement. The thing is, it’s never the same achievement. If I was to run the same marathon as you and finish at the exact same time, we both would achieve different things due to the journey that led us to that finish line. No, not the race, but the mental fortitude built through training and adversity.

Where the hell am I going right now?

Anyway, I think I made somewhat of a point. I think. Again, cons of not reading your own writing and kinda throwing up on the page: you don’t really remember much of what you wrote. This has been fun to blog, though. I’m excited for Jersey. I’m excited for what’s to come. For just getting dumped a few days back, it’s odd to be excited about anything. Maybe this blogging, therapy, meditation, etc., all this stuff actually does help the mental side.

I’m kidding. It definitely does. I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Now I can clear that damn Siri reminder.

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