Overdoing It?

Hi, everybody.

Yup, Siri reminded me.

I’m writing today about overdoing things. I think I write about this topic a lot so I must not be learning from myself, or I just like the pain. Either way, I need to figure something out.

I’ve been overloaded and overwhelmed for the past couple of months, but guess what? I took on another side gig/job. A fun one, don’t get me wrong, but more work. Do I need to give myself more work? I don’t think so, but something about me right now can’t say no to opportunity.

And maybe that’s how I look at the struggle of overdoing it. I have my eggs in like 12 baskets but maybe this is how I get to my singular goal of running my own boxing gym/community center one day. Just maybe.

Other than the daily hectic scramble, I’m a bit under the weather today. Although, everything else in my life is going pretty damn great. I won my last boxing match last week, I fight again in 8 days, my career is going well, and my relationships with my girlfriend and mother have improved each day. I’m really starting to feel the growth in my life.

I’m a bit sleepy. Thanks for popping in and reading this thing. It means quite a bit to me that I still have some followers on here and people that take time to read about my life. Feel free to comment below something you would like to share (if you want).

I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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