A Siri Reminder

Hi, everybody.

I love Siri. Not like that weird movie where the dude falls in love with his phone. Definitely not that type of love.

But without Siri, I would forget SO MUCH. Including writing in this blog. So what’s been up?

I’m finally feeling comfortable in my job and it’s an exciting feeling. I’m almost pumped about my job now and it’s been two years since I’ve had that feeling. Outside of that, I’ve helped two individuals recently with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles – within a day one got an interview with a company he only dream about before! It’s a great feeling when the clients see success. It really is. Makes it all worth it.

I’ve had to tone back from some things in life to keep my head on straight. The NFTs were taking up quite a bit of time, so I’ve dialed back there. I’ve laid a good foundation and I don’t need to be as active anymore. It’s a blessing, really. Hard work does pay off.

I have another boxing match on the 19th of this month! I get to fight the #1 Middleweight in the state. I’m extremely excited and I can’t wait to beat him and be the #1 Middleweight in the state. EASY.

Outside of that, I finally have a healthy relationship with a woman. And I’m able to be open and honest with her about my mental health issues, which really lets us immerse ourselves in each other’s lives without any hesitations. It’s pretty cool to be honest and open about mental health.

My dog is still a dog. He’s becoming much more behaved and chilling out just a bit. Right now he’s napping next to me and I’ll probably join him for 20 minutes or so once I’m finished up writing this here.

For me, at least over these past couple months, I’ve focused on how I’m feeling at the current moment and making sure I don’t take my frustrations from my mental health out on anyone. I’ve failed once, but other than that I have done a tremendous job and I’m proud of myself for it. I never could have dreamed having this much control over my actions a year ago. A lot has changed, and it’s mostly all for the better.

I hope you’re experiencing growth, too. And I hope you’re taking a step back and looking at that growth, patting yourself on the back, and pushing for more.

I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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