Another Day, Another Bill Pay

Hi, everybody!

Well, it’s the 23rd of the month so guess what?! It’s BILL DAY! Gas, electric, and internet all came in this morning (it’s like they communicate with each other) and I have to admit, now that I’m 30 it feels FANTASTIC to pay your bills on time. And that’s just what I did.

But you don’t want to read about me paying bills, so let’s get into this shitty brain of mine, eh?

I’ve been told to reparent myself – not doing a great job at it so far. I just told you lot that I have a shitty brain. I’m supposed to tell myself I have a special brain or some shit.

Honestly, I’m quite mad I spent money on my last therapy session. It wasn’t worth it. It struck up some old stuff. Some stuff from the past. But it didn’t help me to move forward or to do what I actually want to do – stay in the moment. And I’m starting to question therapy (and I LOVE therapy) because there’s so much focus on the past. And I’m done with the damn past. Are you? I hate the past.

It’s just another day for me. Fall is hitting and I’m loving that. Waking up and throwing on a sweatshirt always feels good – comforting, really – and I’m excited to get my Fall workouts in. They’re usually my best workouts of the year.

Oh, daily reminder that I very much dislike my job.

Are you excited for Fall?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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