Be A Goldfish

Hi, everybody.

“Be a goldfish” isn’t my line. It’s from a show called Ted Lasso on Apple TV. Highly, highly recommend it. It’s utterly ridiculous at times but well worth it for the laughs.

Do you know what Ted means when he says “Be a goldfish”? Well, according to the script in the show, goldfish keep a memory for approximately ten seconds. Just ten seconds. So when a goldfish has a bad day or fucks up or whatever, it simply forgets that shit ten seconds later. Insane. I mean, I knew fish weren’t bright. I knew that. But ten seconds? Sometimes that would be nice to have as a human.

And that’s why I’m writing AGAIN to you lot today. I was supposed to stop, give myself a rest from writing, but nope… here I am again.

I want to be like a goldfish. I thought I had this month figured out with my job but I got scratched, slapped, and punched yesterday. Almost all of my deals off the table for this month. Bummer, right?

Well, it could be a bummer for only ten seconds. That’s the goal now–remember? Be a goldfish.

What are we talking about here? 😉

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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