I Lied

Hi, everybody!

It’s in the title: I lied. I’m writing to you again after just yesterday telling you I’m done writing for a bit. Oh, boy, how easy do I mess up?

But it’s not a bad thing. I actually had a tremendous day so far and I think the evening is promising.

This goes to show you that it’s important to live in each moment and not think about each possible moment, past or future. Yesterday I felt done with this blog. Today I felt compelled to write to you lot.

I always talk about it: Change is inevitable. It’s going to show up and when it does, be adaptable. You don’t have a choice. Change will always be there, knocking at your front door. Hell, sometimes just skydiving through your ceiling. Be ready for it. I know I’m not all the time but I’m working towards that.

I am aware and I am at ease. Say that a few times… then live the moment you’re in.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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