Fourth of July Weekend!

Hi, everybody!

Hope you’re doing well today.

I practically started this blog like a work email. Nice.

OK! It’s the weekend, baby. And not just that, it’s the weekend of the 4th! Extra day off. Extra day to… sleep in? Who knows. I don’t have much planned as usual. Nothing tonight outside of boxing training – about to head to the pool right now so I’m writing this blog suuuuper fast.

Tomorrow night will be a shit show. My “drinking buddies” are having a birthday party for our friends. Let’s hope I don’t end up cuddling a toilet, alright? I’m not made up of the same stuff I used to be made up of. I have 2-3 drinks now and fall over. It’s ridiculous, man, RIDICULOUS. But it keeps me from over-drinking, which is nice. Real nice.

Sunday? Well, I don’t know. I’ll figure something out. I’m just happy that my dogs don’t freak out over fireworks and I don’t have too many obligations this year. It should be a relaxing time with a lot of big booms. Let’s do this.

And for those readers of mine that are outside of the US, ENJOY YOURSELF, TOO! Have some fun! Do something stupid, maybe.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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