Seven Minutes

Hi, everybody.

I have seven minutes to write to you. After that, I’m right back in meetings.

Today has been one hell of a ride. I actually experienced some success at work for the first time in about a month–feels nice.

But I have experienced quite a bit of frustration, so I must remind myself that I should not let anyone’s language or actions toward me, either negative or positive, impact how I feel today. I must remain myself and not let pettiness get in the way of truly being myself today.

You can probably tell I’m reading more of that awareness book, yeah? Yeah, I am.

But it’s true. Why let anyone’s negativity really impact you? Who does that help? It helps you get angry and no one wants that. Let it pass through you, slide off your shoulders, whatever. Be the better person. Actually, scratch that. You aren’t the better person in this situation. You’re just the person who decided to continue to be themselves no matter what was in front of you. And that’s a win. A huge win.

I wish you the best. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

PS: My job sucks.

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