Working in Bed

Hi, everybody.

Right now I’m writing to you from my comfy bed. Why? Well, I decided to grab my laptop this morning after sleeping in a bit and making sales calls from my bedroom. So far? Very ineffective.

But why am I in my bedroom? I’ll tell you why. The world seems to stop in here. I don’t see all the distractions like who’s doing who on Instagram, how many people are walking outside holding hands, and people smiling as they garden.

Yeah, I don’t want to see happiness right now. That’s the main point here. I’m content with my bedroom right now. Do i hope for more out of myself today? Of course I fucking do, but I also understand this is where I’m at right now. And as I’ve mentioned before, it’s OK to beat yourself up for a little bit. You just need to ice up and bounce back from it once the beating is over.

I think I’ll “ice up” now by taking a shower and walking my dogs.

I’ve had an insane amount of mood swings this week. Every morning is different. I would love to find some consistency so I know what I’m up against every day, but it’s always the same, isn’t it? We’re up against ourselves. No one else. Just ourselves.

I can beat that guy, right? Let’s hope so.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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