So Productive

Hi, everybody.

That was supposed to be a play on “So Seductive” but I don’t think it worked. My apologies.

Productivity is a gray area for me. Sometimes it’s fantastic, sometimes it’s shit. So what makes that difference?

Mental state. Awareness. Understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing. Sometimes we’re productive for absolutely no reason. We’d be better off sleeping or drinking more water, so we have to be certain that we’re spending our time on the items that truly matter to US. Well, truly matters to you.

Today I did things that matter to me. A good dog walk, solid work, and a two-mile run at a decent pace. I’ll finish up the day with my normal coaching and a 1:1 training session with my boxing coach. An ideal day for me.

What’s an ideal day for you? I’d love to hear from my readers here. Everyone is so different. We all have different vices that keep us going. Some call them passions. They can be passions at time, but they are vices, too. Without them, we may be more lost than we already are.

Remember, it’s amazing to be productive. Just make sure you know why you’re being productive. Don’t waste your time on nonsense, like reading this blog ;).

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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