Sweet Sundays

Hi, everybody!

It’s not often I use alliteration but today I’m daring. Scared?

Kidding. I’m actually about to lie down for a nap. Figured I’d write to you lot first before I doze off into a million dreams about who knows what.

Why is today sweet? Why are Sundays considered special? You have the obvious religious foundations, but outside of that, society’s really made Sundays extremely important. It’s the day you have to recharge. It’s the day you have to finish your final chore. It’s the day you have before your work week starts all over again. It’s the day you come back from vacation. It’s the day you do community service. It’s the day you go to a kid’s birthday party. It’s the day you…

You do a lot on Sundays. We consider, at least I think we consider Sundays to be a day of relaxation when often they aren’t. Do we take enough time for ourselves, truly? Do we? I know I don’t. I don’t for myself. Look, I’m writing to you lot right now. Yeah, I’ve mentioned this helps me, but fuck I’m tired. I should be napping.

OK, we’re getting away from the point. As always, there really isn’t much of a point here, but this is a good reminder to actually reset yourself. Actually recharge. Take a breath. Sundays can be filled with pressure. You have the power to handle that pressure or better yet, not even feel it.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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