New Roomie, Past Mistakes

Hey, everybody.

Today I bring in a new roommate. I’ll level with you lot: I am not the best roommate. Very picky in terms of cleanliness and noise. However, I am AWARE of that now, and it’s something I’ll be working on. (It only took multiple people leaving me for these reasons for me to figure this out, but REMEMBER, we focus on the positive here. The positive: I figured it out, now I need to execute on it.)

I am a bit worried but also excited. It’s one of my best friends and I think it will be a good living situation. If not, well, I own the house so I can always handle things if I need to handle things, right? Not much risk here. Also, I plan on writing about some of my past mistakes with roommates because, well, they’re kinda funny. Someone hold me to that, alright?

Anyway, now I need to head to his current house and go pick up a U-haul with the guy. Wish me luck (or awareness)!

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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