About Last Night

What a weird, strange day yesterday was. Who knew standing in a recreational marijuana shop line could bring so much spontaneity into my life?

My buddy & I almost didn’t stop at this shop. The line was long, real long. And to be honest, we didn’t really think we “fit in” with those that stood in line. We were right, but luckily we had an angel standing behind us in line. It was really quite… different.

All we did was talk to her. Just about where we’re from, what we’re doing, and we made sure we listened to what she was doing, where she was from, too. What happened next was something you just wouldn’t expect in 2020. She invited us to her family’s beach house in Cape Cod. We quickly canceled our tee time, got our bag of goodies, and headed an hour and a half to the beach.

From there, the real beauty happened. For hours on hours, we talked. About everything from our work lives to Shamanism (wasn’t familiar with it & honestly still don’t understand it, but it seems really cool). We stood out in freezing water and took the air in. We spoke about what’s worked for our meditation. We all listened to each other intently. It really was an amazing night.

Usually there’s a lot of doom & gloom on this blog, but this goes to show you that sometimes it isn’t all doom & gloom for you. Things can just happen. We made a friend for life just by standing in a pot line. You just never know what the fuck is going to happen: good or bad. This time it was good. Better than good. I’m still trying to recount everything from last night, but part of me doesn’t want to. Why?

The reason last night was so special had everything to do with living in the moment. Being present. Being aware. It’s so very important. Nothing good would’ve came from that trip if we weren’t present. And now? It’s time to be present in this moment.

I wrote this in a café on my phone, so forgive any errors.

Ah, I’ll insert a couple photos I took. Stayed off my phone for 98% of the time but couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

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