Proper Rainy Day

Hi, everybody!

There’s something about a stormy, rainy day after a week filled with 90 degree temps. It’s relaxing. It makes you sleepy. For me, it relieves stress. How? Well, I don’t feel like I really need to accomplish much when the weather isn’t cooperating. I absolutely love my mindset there.

A storm is unpredictable, just like mental health. It comes and goes, sometimes quiet, sometimes with a big boom. But it fades. The storm always fades and we’re back to the light. Same could be said about mental health IF we decide to look at it this way. That’s on us.

We’re all temperamental. At least a little bit. Whether we like it or not. Just like the weather. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from Mother Nature, eh?

Peace and Quiet

Hi, everybody.

It’s pleasant inside and outside my home today. Same with my mind. Right now I’m lying in bed with one of my dogs and a friend (no, we aren’t doing anything like that). I finished boxing training this morning along with mowing. Oh, had the chance to pick up Dunkin’, too, and everybody knows America Runs on Dunkin™.

Sorry for that.

It is peaceful today. I’m about to head out to a wine festival in midtown. 400 wines to sample, plenty of food vendors, and a wonderful sunny sky. Calm winds, low 70s, and … why am I sitting in front of this computer?

Oh yeah, I love writing. This is peaceful and quiet, too. This gives me balance during a hectic week, a hectic weekend, a hectic life. I am loving lots of life right now, though. Feels good. Don’t get me wrong, still battling my demons, but I think I’m finally breaking through. And if I’m not, I have you lot to fall back on, right? I can trust you. More importantly, I can trust myself now.

Thank you for your help in finding me some peace and quiet. You’ll get there soon. Hell, I hope you’re already there. I really do.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.