The Obvious Importance of Sleep

Hi, everybody!

Guess what? I’m TIRED! Why? Well, my sleeping habits are getting out of wack again. Why? Well, I think I’m thinking too much. I mean, even in that sentence alone I thought a bit too much.

OK, we’re getting off track.

I’ve noticed the importance of sleep over the past two days (NO WAY!). Things have been weighing on my mind, not allowing me to fall asleep at a decent time. My appetite is impacted, my energy level is obviously impacted, but most importantly–I’ve been a real dick since I’ve been this tired.

I talk about awareness a lot. Right now I’m aware of the situation, but now it’s about SOLVING it. Easy answer to this, right? Just go to sleep earlier. Well, it’s not that easy. You’re forgetting the whole “thinking too much about thinking”. It really does prevent good sleep. So I need to dive deeper into that and figure out why I’m struggling to let myself sleep.

Or do I need to dive deeper? That involves more thinking. Maybe I reach out to you lot once again (I received 5-10 amazing ideas for new hobbies yesterday so I think fielding this question to you lot is a good idea). What do you do to settle your mind (most important) so you can make sure you fall asleep at a time that’s good for your body the next day?

Also, how the hell do you keep a routine for sleep? I’ve always wanted to go to bed around 11 PM, but my mind simply won’t let me do that. Shit, just yesterday I thought I’d be asleep by 12 AM and all of a sudden it was 3 AM. I can battle through the fatigue, but I’d rather not chug two glasses of cold brew every morning.

I consider us teammates at this point, readers. We’re in this together. When I’m feeling bad, you pick me up. Hopefully when you’re feeling bad, this blog helps pick you up just a tad. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, that’s not the intention here. The purpose of this blog is strictly therapeutic for me–but if anything else comes along with it, I’ll take it. Just like I’d take more sleep at this point. Nap time? Can’t. Work.

But I will nap today. Don’t you even dare bet against that.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Making My Own Schedule

Hi, everyone.

Have I written about this before? I think I have. It would be simple to go back and look but let’s just carry on, shall we?

Why am I asking you that? You don’t make my schedule.

See what I did there? (Corny, yeah.) I am having some issues. This morning I went into training again and received no mitt work, no instruction, and I was told to help another boxer out. I was supposed to fight June 26th. Coach says I’m not ready, but I’ve been running my sprints and doing everything on my own to make sure I am ready.

But he won’t train me. He won’t put in the time. But I’m putting in the time to come work with the other boxers and help coach and yada yada. And I love coaching, you lot know that, but I don’t like commitments broken. A week or two back, Coach told me we would put together a training schedule to get ready. He was at my house for Memorial Day. We didn’t get a schedule put together.


So now what do I do? Oh, today is also filled with everything that I didn’t come up with. Not a single thing on my agenda is something I said, “Hey, let’s do this.” Am I bitching over nothing? Probably. But I can bitch here. See, that’s the power of having this outlet. I can come here and bitch to you lot. And if you don’t like it, you can shut down the WordPress app or open a new tab, but that’s what this place does for me. Allows a release.

My buddy gave me a poem yesterday. I think it’s a good thing to leave off with because the main reason for this blog today was to get this shit out of my head and put it down. Make it concrete. Stop thinking about it so much internally and push it out to you lot. Aren’t you feeling lucky today? But again I’m getting off track. Let’s read this poem my buddy gave me, yeah?

Like cairns on an unkempt trail
words point the way
to the summit of thought
the last though before silence
swallows the world in realization
that the symbols are stones
just lying around
waiting aeons to roll toward the sea
until we stack them
upon one another to say,
“This way! You’re on the right track.”
to someone we may never shake hands,
nor share our water with
because deep down we know
that they are the same as us
and feel safer when another self
leaves a cairn or a ladder of words
to let us know that they too chose
this path and found sure footing there.
Unknown Poet

My buddy got me that poem because that’s what this blog kinda is. And fuck it’s a good poem, isn’t it? I don’t even like poetry and I like that one.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.