Early Start

Hi, everybody.

Last night was some hell, I’ll tell you that much. Not only did my company pry and pry for end of month closes, they also kept a conversation going till about 11 PM at night trying to pull in any deal possible before September hit. Honestly, I wish I was writing this in October (end of September) because I could make an easy, easy Green Day joke right there.

So yeah, that was stressful. Especially since I haven’t brought in a dime all month–but that happens sometimes, I do believe I will have an outstanding month this month as I’ve built a really, really solid pipeline.

But the stress is still there. I don’t wake up early usually, and definitely not for work purposes, but today I did. Today I made sure to wake up early and start climbing the charts. So far? Yeah, no results. But patience, baby, patience. It also doesn’t help that I worked till midnight last night after some heavy, heavy sparring rounds.

But enough bitching. I’m working from home with my dogs by my side. I have an endless supply of coffee and I have a decent amount of groceries. My bills are paid for the upcoming month. There are a lot of positives–but as you can probably tell, work is weighing heavily on my mind recently.

It will all shake out, right? As long as the work is put in, right? I sure as hell hope so.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

One Thing I Couldn’t Do

Hi, everybody!

Title sounds negative, doesn’t it? It isn’t, at least I don’t think it is. You may think differently. Actually you probably do (and that’s OK).

So what’s the one thing I couldn’t do?

Working in the office five days a week again. As I’ve mentioned over the past couple days, I’m in Texas meeting my new colleagues for the first time, also here for a quarterly business review. Anyway, what I’m driving at is the TIME WASTE of an office. There are benefits, don’t get me wrong. Being able to link up with my colleagues about best practices right away rather than hoping they’re on our messenger app is super awesome. However, I’ve been finishing my days around 2 PM. And I’m performing well. But once 2 PM hits, I’m sitting here for three more hours because I want to make sure management knows I’m a hard worker.

Weird, right? It’s insane to me how this pandemic shifted the way we work, how efficient we are on our own, and how little some industries need office space anymore. Shit, I rebooked my flight for an earlier date because I don’t see the use of me staying here and working–I can get much more done at my own house. And my boss knows that. We all know this here, but we’re holding on for dear life to keep the office as “something that still makes sense”.

Listen, it does make sense for some people, hell, maybe even most people. I don’t know. For me however, no. So what’s that one thing I couldn’t do? Work in an office five days a week for 40 hours or so. Nope. Not for me anymore. Couldn’t do it. Hard stop.

As always, I hope things are going super duper awesome for you today. If they aren’t, notice that and do what you can to get out of that funk. Or sit in it. Just be aware of it, that’s the most important part.

Cheers to working from home, people! Without working from home, this blog may not even exist. Actually… it wouldn’t.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.