I Need A New Hobby

Hi, everybody.

Title pretty much speaks for itself. I do need a new hobby. I’m getting burned out of video gaming, boxing, and coaching. I don’t consider hanging out with my dogs a hobby nor do I consider anything I do for work a hobby. Also, a hobby isn’t “going out to drinks with friends”, it’s just simply not a hobby.

So as a 30-year old man I’m posed with a question: What the f do I do?

Knitting is out of the picture. Collecting rocks is out of the picture. Doing puzzles is out of the picture.

What do you lot do for fun? What keeps you ticking? I could pick reading back up – it’s been a while since I’ve been an avid reader, but that’s difficult to get my mind to execute in a good fashion. So, what? What do I do?

I’m asking my readers here, my friends here, about anything they do for fun. Please let me know, my eyes are starting to burn every day because majority of my hobbies include this computer, my phone, my other computer, etc. I’m getting a bit burned out, along with my retinas.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Writing to Write

I’ll admit, you probably won’t find anything special in this post. Not much motivation today & I’m starving – breaded pork chops almost finished in the oven. The timer starts now.

Today I racked my brain because of one thing: I didn’t write a blog yesterday. Yeah, maybe that’s not a big deal, but the reason I didn’t write one is definitely a big deal. I was lost, beat up, and felt like giving up. Luckily, I have that support system I keep telling you about. However, I should’ve given myself some support. How? By writing.

I’ve found that no matter how many people actually read this damn thing, it helps me break what feels like a blood clot in my chest. It helps me breathe. It helps me… be me. Writing is truly beautiful. Reading, not so much. I’ve had enough of the self-help books & awareness books by now. I’ll definitely keep reading them, but my mind can’t take the rawness of them at the current moment.

So, yeah. I don’t really have much going on today or tonight. I’m still getting over a break-up and to be honest, it’s destroying me each and every day. I keep fighting because I know I have to. I keep writing because I know I have to. I keep living because I know I have to.

Don’t let this post get you down. This is a good thing. This is a person, distressed, making sure they’re taking care of themselves any which way possible. You should try it, honestly.

Whether it’s writing or… fishing? I don’t know what the opposite would be to writing, but fishing sounds much less intense & self-defeating. Find someone or something that’s an outlet for you. Find a way to to get everything and anything off your chest.

None of you know me. None of you can judge me (because I won’t know about it, but you probably do judge me… how dare you). I do hope I help some people on this. I’m not doing it all for myself, I promise you that. About 95% for myself, yeah, but the other 5% goes to you. I’ve always been a generous guy.

Again, no clue what the hell you’ll get out of this. Just find an outlet, alright? Don’t stew on your bullshit. It’s not healthy. I say that as I spent about two hours this morning moping and crying. Again, just because I type this some nice, feel-good shit doesn’t mean I live it every moment of the day. I fail so, so often. It’s OK to fail. It’s OK to fail as long as you know you can win someday.

I’m hoping tomorrow is that day. I really do. Most likely it won’t be, but that hope keeps me going. Along with this writing. OH! And those pork chops. Time to pull them out of the oven.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.