Happy? Holidays

Hi, everybody.

I’m off work this week and I’ve put this blogging off for about… 3 days. To be quite honest, I really dislike this time of year and everything that comes with it. Minus the food. The food can stay.

There’s simply too many social expectations when it comes to the holidays. Especially the holiday season that we’re in right now – Christmas and New Year’s. If you’re alone on these days, well, if you’re me it feels like death. And for the past two months, ever since a certain someone kicked me out of their life for good, I’ve felt impending doom on these days.

AND IT’S RIDICULOUS. I’m letting social constructs control my mind and my overall mental fortitude. It’s ridiculous. But it’s been a theme for me every year since I was in high school – since back in the days when I wasn’t invited to anything. I remember being sad every Friday night when I didn’t get invited to stuff, and it was even worse when it came to the holidays. Party there, party here, no party near me. It’s not pity, it was reality. And it’s fed into my disgust with the holidays now.

But I do have plans on New Year’s. I had to search for them, but I found some. I won’t be “alone” on the final day of 2022, but I do feel alone. So yeah, I will be alone.

When will I look at the world differently? I’ve been told it comes down to me. If that’s the case, things aren’t going to be looking up for a bit – maybe. But who knows, you lot know I shift from day to day. And I always, always feel better after I throw up on this blog.

Thank you for being my outlet. Happy Holidays. Last blog of 2022? Probably.


I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Presence Over Presents

Might be trying too hard with the titles over here, who knows.

Hi, everybody! What are we discussing this Christmas Eve? PRESENTS. Or presence, I guess. The pros of presence. Or maybe the cons of presents. We’ll see where this thing goes. Oh. I’m going to be a bit of a Grinch, too. Ope, we might’ve figured out which direction this thing is going already.

Each year leads up to this time. A time of the year supposedly filled with happiness, joy, not a care in the world. Well, I (& I believe most of you) call bullshit. This time of the year is so damn stressful–& not for any reason that’s worth a damn. Earlier someone mentioned their family member passed & another one of their family members purchased the same gift for… well, I’m confusing myself already. Anyway, someone got another person the same gift. It was a HUGE deal. Almost ruined Christmas.


Why do we care so much about what we give others & what we get from others? What the hell are we even doing anymore? We don’t care about being with one another. We care if we get the PS5 or if we get some new socks. The difference between those two can be life or death.

Christmas isn’t a celebration of you. It’s not a celebration of any of us. I’m not a believer (sorry, my believer readers), but I’m pretty sure it’s a celebration of Jesus. How about we STOP with the presents & just be present?

End rant. Merry Christmas!

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Don’t Have Much To Do, Figured I’d Write To You

Hi, everybody!

As we hit the holiday season, work slows down. Life slows down a bit. My Pops is now quarantined due to possible COVID exposure, so we’re just one … happy family living with each other 24/7. Should be a fun experiment.

Oh, that reminds me, I need a new damn house or a rental. Really, anything. I’ll take anything right now. I miss my independence, not having to pay attention to how loud I’m being, & just overall having a bit more freedom. I can’t thank my parents enough for allowing me to stay at their place while I look for a new home.

So, slow days. What do you lot do on slow days? I’m thinking of doing some data-mining for work (thrilling), reading a book, & I really need to check if a soccer match is on today. Also, I have my second & third job to attend to later this afternoon. Someone’s a boxing coach again! Can ya guess who it is?

On slow days, I find it best mentally to not stress yourself out with the amount of time you have on your hands. Do what you want to do. Maybe set a couple goals for the day, but if you’re struggling mentally, don’t ram your head into a brick wall if you don’t get everything done. There’s always another slow day coming your way.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.