Hi, everybody!

I hope you are doing FANTASTIC today.

Another quick post. Sorry, it’s just a habit now to write. I thought I’d be done considering I hit that 100-day streak, but nope, here I am. I’m going to be done apologizing about this now, too.

Breathing. It’s interesting, isn’t it? We don’t even notice we’re doing it half the time. But it’s so very important.

I just finished up running a couple of miles and I finally figured out what was holding me back from getting to my goal: My breathing. Once I adjusted my breathing to the cadence of my running, everything fell into place. Some might say that’s a metaphor. Some might say that’s deep. But I meant it literally. However, we can turn it into a metaphor.

The cadence of your life must be combatted or matched by your breath. Well, it doesn’t have to, but you’re better off when it does. Think about it. When you’re freaking out, right, what happens? You breathe heavier, faster, things get out of control. Slow. It. Down.

You’re having a splendid day. Everything is going well. Your mind and body are relaxed. What’s helping that? You, breathing correctly. Keeping it slow, relaxed, calm, etc.–all that helps you maintain that splendid day. If you start freaking out, well, you know one thing you can turn to is “How am I breathing right now“?

I’d like to look into what’s called “breath-work“. I know it’s getting quite big in the meditation world. Maybe I’ll try it out and get back to you lot about it.

Remember, breathe. Be aware of how you’re feeling and breathe accordingly. It’ll help. I promise.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

A (False?) Sense of Peace

Hi, everybody!

Welp, the girlfriend went to another country for a month so it’s just you and me for a bit! I’m excited, are you?

I woke up this morning feeling serene. I did my normal routine but the girlfriend did stop by for a quick dog walk prior to her departure. I will say I’m not doing the best at work, but I hope with less distractions (new relationships tend to create a natural distraction) I can pick up the pace a bit. Also, I was just told I have a new boss starting… today? Tomorrow? One of the two. Hopefully he’s a good guy. OH! I’ve always had some serious thoughts about getting out of sales. Maybe moving into marketing. Who knows.

But back to the peace thing. This is how I know the blog’s title makes sense. One morning I wake up feeling like dog shit, the next morning I feel like I can preach to the world about awareness and loving yourself. I’m striving to be somewhere in between, because let’s be honest… no one really wants someone to constantly say “love yourself” or “I’m dog shit”. There’s got to be a balance.

And today I woke up with that balance. I knew I had a long work day ahead of me paired with my second job. I know I have an extremely early and important meeting tomorrow morning that I need to prep for. But I’m doing OK. I’m not stressing. As Richard Miller says in one of his meditations, “I am aware and I am at ease”. I feel that today. I really do.

Peaceful. Quiet. Calm. That’s my day today. And I’m excited for it. What’s your day look like?

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.

Peace and Quiet

Hi, everybody.

It’s pleasant inside and outside my home today. Same with my mind. Right now I’m lying in bed with one of my dogs and a friend (no, we aren’t doing anything like that). I finished boxing training this morning along with mowing. Oh, had the chance to pick up Dunkin’, too, and everybody knows America Runs on Dunkin™.

Sorry for that.

It is peaceful today. I’m about to head out to a wine festival in midtown. 400 wines to sample, plenty of food vendors, and a wonderful sunny sky. Calm winds, low 70s, and … why am I sitting in front of this computer?

Oh yeah, I love writing. This is peaceful and quiet, too. This gives me balance during a hectic week, a hectic weekend, a hectic life. I am loving lots of life right now, though. Feels good. Don’t get me wrong, still battling my demons, but I think I’m finally breaking through. And if I’m not, I have you lot to fall back on, right? I can trust you. More importantly, I can trust myself now.

Thank you for your help in finding me some peace and quiet. You’ll get there soon. Hell, I hope you’re already there. I really do.

I wish you well. Try not to beat the shit out of yourself.